FINAPRA is a pure Czech financial group.

We believe that every investment should be pragmatic, based on reasonable resources, realistic goals and practical experiences. We search for hidden business opportunities, which we carefully analyze and we set realistic goals and allocate adequate resources.

We believe in financial pragmatism
Current value of group assets, 2021
5.3 billions
Total land area
1,000,000 sqm


construction of warehouse D
of new warehouse
of „Za Akademií“
construction of two
new warehouses
of warehouse
Most industrial areas
have a connection
to the railway network
The current occupancy of leased properties is 97 %, more than 120,000 sqm of industrial and warehouse areas and more than 200,000 sqm of land, parking and handling areas.
We sell selected real estate in the case of good offer. In 2021, we have made sales worth CZK 500,000,000 so far, bought building plots with an area of almost 60,000 sqm and several buildings. We have already preparedor financed sales of several smaller projects with total value of CZK 630,000,000.


We intesively work on preparation of construction of almost 100,000 sqm of warehouse and industrial halls and almost 1,450 flats in various locations in the Czech Republic.
The expected implementation period for industrial buildings is two to three years, we plan to implement residential construction in the years 2022 to 2026. The implementation period depends on course of permitting procedures.
For some projects, we already have valid building permit or zoning decision and we believe in obtaining a building permit for work-in-progress construction projects by the end of 2022.
The total amount of investments is estimated at CZK 6 billion. We finance the construction primarily from our own resources, bank loans and possible loans from third parties.


Industrial and warehouse areas

Industrial and warehouse complex in the immediate vicinity of the road junction D11, E422 and E67 near Hradec Králové, with connection to the railway network. Total land of complex in 180,000 sqm
Warehouse complex near the D10 highway with total land area of 130,000 sqm
Warehouse complex on the outskirts of Liberec, in an industrial zone with total area of 120,000 sqm
Industrial and warehouse complex in the east of the Central Bohemian Region, near Nymburk with total area 160,000 sqm
Warehouse complex in the wider center of Pilsen, 300 m from the motorway feeder to the D5 highway

Development and residential construction

Preparation of residential housing project in Semily
Preparation of residential housing project in České Budějovice

Gastronomy and restaurant service

Production of the traditional Czech lager beer from Bohemian Paradise
Event and sports complex for summer and winter family fun




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VAT ID CZ25744941


Management assistant

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The company is registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File 5838